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The construction industry provides exciting and financially rewarding careers. You can find a career path no matter what your interests are, whether you want to work with your mind, your hands or both! Explore professional and skilled trades career opportunities, and attend the Washtenaw Contractors Association’s annual JUST BUILD IT! Construction Career Expo.

Professional Careers in the Construction Industry

Professionals in the construction industry bring such a wide variety of skills and experience to their work that it's nearly impossible to make generalizations about them. But they share a common sense of pride knowing that everything from highways to skyscrapers were built by construction professionals.

Professions that are particular to the Construction Industry include:
  • Architecture
  • Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Safety Management

Construction firms, like all businesses, also need managers and staff in administrative areas such as finance, human resources, quality control, and sales and marketing.

Skilled Trades Careers in the Construction Industry

Skilled tradespeople have built entire communities - from streets, highways and bridges, to homes, schools and hospitals. They are creative individuals who like to work with both their minds and their hands. They enjoy physical activity, working with a variety of tools, and they like to work as a team.