Friday, March 4, 2022
Weber's Inn

Join us as we celebrate and recognize those who build our community.

The key to a successful construction project is outstanding working relationships among the members of the project team. That is why each Spring, the Washtenaw Contractors Association recognizes its members, project owners and architects for exceptional effort in the areas of teamwork, service, and innovation through its annual PYRAMID Awards.

Join us at this year's PYRAMID Award event to recognize these exceptional teams, and for the presentation of the W. Nelson Vander Hyden Award to an individual who has made significant contributions to both the construction industry and the local community.

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Award Categories and Criteria

The PYRAMID Awards are presented in three categories:

  • Best Project Team
  • Best Subcontractor
  • Best Innovation

The criteria for each of these categories are presented below.

Nominate a Deserving Member for the PYRAMID Awards

The nomination process includes two steps:

  1. Submission of an Intent to Nominate form
  2. Submission of the actual Nomination Package.

Self-nominations are encouraged, since projects are best understood by those who are directly involved in the challenges they present. Any projects completed by WCA members during the prior calendar year are eligible.

PYRAMID award winners will be selected by an independent panel composed of a cross section of construction industry experts. The Vander Hyden Award recipient will be selected by a committee of past recipients of this award.

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The Awards

Best Project Team Award - Owner, Architect, Contractor

Three awards are presented, one to each team that best fits the following categories:

  1. Projects up to $3 million
  2. Projects between $3 million and $25 million
  3. Projects over $25 million

Selection Criteria

1. The project involved an extremely high level of cooperation between the Owner, Architect and Contractor (CM, GC or Prime), resulting in true synergism between these three entities.

2. This cooperation and synergism resulted in an improvement in some critical aspect of the construction project (e.g. quality, budget, completion time, safety record, etc.)

3. The improvement is documented and sufficient information is disclosed for the Jury to complete its review.

4. The award nomination is supported by all three entities.

5. The project is located in Michigan.

6. The contractor/construction manager nominee is a member of the Washtenaw Contractors Association.

Best Subcontractor Award

Two awards are presented, one to each of the following:

  • Subcontracts over $500,000
  • Subcontracts under $500,000

Selection Criteria

1. The subcontractor provided an exceptional level of service that resulted in a significant improvement in some critical aspect of the construction project (e.g. project quality, design, budget, completion time, safety record)

2. The improvement is documented with sufficient information for the Jury to complete its review.

3. The exceptional level of service is supported by the project owner, architect, general contractor or construction manager.

4. The project is located in Michigan.

5. The subcontractor is a member of the Washtenaw Contractors Association.

Best Innovation Award

Selection Criteria

1. The nomination represents a new and unique contribution to the construction industry.

2. The innovation may be a significant improvement to ANY aspect of the construction process (e.g. means or methods, administration, design, craftsmanship, equipment, labor relations, materials, safety, training).

Please note: If the nomination relates to a specific construction project, the entire construction project should not be nominated - just that aspect of the project that was innovative.

3. Sufficient documentation is provided to allow the Jury to determine that the innovation is a true and unique improvement, and that it is a proven success.

4. If a contractor is the nominee, that firm is a member of the Washtenaw Contractors Association.

W. Nelson Vander Hyden Award

Selection Criteria

1. The nominee is an individual who exemplifies the high standards of professionalism and commitment to the improvement of the construction industry in Washtenaw County that were characteristic of W. Nelson Vander Hyden.

2. The nominee is also highly dedicated, through personal involvement, to the betterment of the community as a whole.