Enivronmental Services

Address: 405 Five Mile Road Whitmore Lake, MI. 48430
Business Description:

Abatement- Asbestos, Lead, Mold Remediation
Demolition- Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural
Other Services include Grounds, Painting, Field Maintenance, Event Parking

Business Phone Number: (734)550-9199
Business Fax: (734)449-9292
Business Website Address: http://www.gles.us
Address: 45345 Five Mile Rd Plymouth, MI 48170
Business Description:

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Ecological Consulting Firm with 3 offices in Michigan (Plymouth – HQ, Detroit, Traverse City).

Business Phone Number: 800-525-6016
Business Fax: 734-404-6769
Business Website Address: http://www.metroca.net
Address: 28001 Cabot Drive, Suite 250 Novi, MI 48377
Business Description:

Geo-technical, Environmental Remediation, Construction and Materials Testing Services

Business Phone Number: 248.486.5100
Business Website Address: http://www.cticompanies.com
Address: 1595 Eisenhower Place Ann Arbor
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Business Description:

Geotechnical, Environmental and Materials Testings Services.

Business Phone Number: 7343909330
Business Fax: 1595 Eisenhower Place
Business Website Address: http://www.g2consultinggroup.com
Address: 3985 Varsity Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Business Description:

(under construction)

Business Phone Number: 248-588-6200
Business Fax: 734-971-3721
Business Website Address: http://www.testingengineers.com